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​The Norsemen Booster Club would like to thank all of you who offered support to our fundraising efforts over the past few years. Because of your support, we are pleased to report that at the January 7th school board meeting we were able to present a check to the school for $71,915.68 to cover the remaining balance of the installation of the stadium lights that were installed this past July and August. This amount was far less than the expected cost of roughly $100,000, allowing us to pay for the installation in full. We want to recognize and thank the organizations that made the installation happen. Jeff Milutinovich was the project manager for Kish & Sons Electric of La Crosse. His team, with several of the electricians having ties to the Westby School District, worked long hours to make this happen. Many of them donated a significant amount of their own time to the project. The City of Westby and Westby Utilities also made significant contributions of time, equipment and talent to meet the deadline prior to the first football game. Fowler & Hammer has also served as a strong partner and has guided the Booster Club and School District since the start of Phase 1. Many volunteers joined in, and all of this added to a significant savings on the installation cost. 

We want to thank: 
Kish & Sons Electric and Employees: Tom Haakenson, Tim Hatlan, Mike Fisher, Jake Lucey, Lee Sheldon, Dylan Thurk, Tayler Udehofen, Devan Mashak, Katie Hyat, Jason Stafslien, Jake Solberg, Jeff Milutinovich

Fowler & Hammer and employees Ryan Burke and Eric Lehmann

Westby Utilities and the City of Westby and employees Ron Janzen, Jeff Strangstalien, Eric Miller, Seth Barstad, and Todd Sanwick

Vernon Electric Cooperative

Westby Area School District Buildings and Grounds Staff

Electro Mechanical Contracting

Musco Lighting

River City Ready Mix

Community Members: Scott Berg, Keith Olson, Rory Stenslien, and Jennifer Milutinovich

Westby Students: Manuel Chavez, Daniel Frydenlund, Kellen Olson, Sierra Cade, Devin Nelson, Blake Hatlan, Lane Fisher, Ty Milutinovich, Bo Milutinovich, and Alexa Milutinovich

This project could not have happened without the cooperation between the Booster Club, the Westby Board of Education, and the City of Westby.

Thanks again to everyone who made this happen!

Pictured:   NBC President Keith Olson presents WASD School Board President with a check for the installation of the stadium lights at the athletic complex

"Proudly supporting Westby High School Athletics"

 norsemen booster club presents check for stadium lights