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The future looks bright with purchase of lights and poles from UW-L

With the help and generosity of our donors, Phase I was completed last year with the construction of the press box, installation of the score board and goal posts.  With the focus of Phase II being the installation of lights, the NBC (Norsemen Booster Club) considered installing the bases for lights this fall.  President Keith Olson updated the school board on their plans at the July meeting and discussed the option of the school contributing some funds.  At that meeting the School Board voted to spend $5,000 towards the installation of bases for the lights.  Before too much could get done with that, WHS principal Karl Stoker, received an email from UW-L, who was reaching out to area schools because they were completing a project to update their recreational fields. Part of that updating included replacing 12 lighting fixtures with poles.  Mr. Stoker contacted the Booster Club who then became involved in exploring the possibility of submitting a sealed bid.  The NBC met, and under the guidance of WHS alumni and Fowler and Hammer employees Eric Lehmann and Ryan Burke voted to move ahead with a bid.  President Olson updated the school board at their August meeting and asked the board to amend their proposal to use that $5,000 towards the sealed bid instead of the bases as voted earlier.   The board voted to do just that and the sealed bid to UW-L was placed on behalf of the NBC by Karl Stoker on August 14.  On August 16, Mr. Stoker was notified that the Westby Area School District had the successful bid of $10,000.  There has been a whirlwind of talking and planning.  Trucking the lights back to Westby was arranged by Fowler and Hammer. They are currently being stored off site until plans and funds can be secured to get them installed.  Although final bids on electrical and installation work are not yet received, it is estimated it will be in the neighborhood of $100,000 for the installation of six light poles.  The Norsemen Booster Club is committed to seeing this project through with our continued fundraising efforts.   Please consider making a donation so that football can be once again be played under the lights. 

The $100,000 goal is for the installation of 6 light poles to illuminate the football field as well as throwing and jumping areas for track and field.

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​phase ii:  Return the lights to Friday night

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