May 17—Electric grill donated by Vernon Electric: 
May 18—Savage Axis 22-250: 
May 19—Norse Grill $50 gift certificate:
May 20—Borgen’s Café $50 gift certificate: 
May 21—$50 cash prize sponsored by Westby Boys Basketball Club:
May 22—Savage Ruger 10/22 Classic VII: 
May 23—$50 cash prize sponsored by Komay’s Flooring:
May 24—Forget Me Nots Barn Board Quilt Mural:
May 25—Nordic Lanes $50 gift certificate:
May 26—Bleacher’s $50 gift certificate: 
May 27—$100 cash prize sponsored by Ihrcke & Olson Families: 
May 28—$50 cash prize sponsored by Marc & Sharon Nelson:
May 29—Mathew’s Creed Bow: 
May 30—Vortex Diamondback Binoculars: 
May 31—Stoeger Competition 20 GA O/U Shotgun:  

daily winners

norsemen pride

Our annual Norsemen Booster Club Raffle tickets are out, being sold, and offer lots of great prizes. We wanted to take an opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of our 2019 sponsors, as we could not do this fundraiser for Norsemen Athletics without you! Tickets are available from many WHS athletes, may be purchased from Dawn Haakenson at Midwest Gas in Westby, or you can contact any NBC member and we'll get them to you.

Ron and Linda Hulst - Eagles Roost Resort Stay
Marty and Kari Snustead - Brewers Tickets
Snowflake Ski & Golf Club - Season Golf Pass
Dilly's Hatfield Resort - Dillon Bean - 2 night stay
Nordic Lanes - $100 cash prize & 2 $50 gift certificates
Bleachers Pub - $50 gift certificate
Vernon Electric Coop - Electric Grill
Vortex Optics - Diamondback Binoculars AND Crossfire II Scope
Borgen's Cafe - Blane & Mary Charles - $50 gift cert.
Parkland Village Campground - Jim & Laurie DelMedico -Camping Weekend
Forget Me Nots - Megan Rahr - Barn Board Quilt Mural
Ward Law Office - $50 cash prize
Legal Guardianship Services, Inc. - $50 cash prize
Komay's Flooring - $50 cash prize
Norske Grill - $50 gift certificate
Westby Wrestling Club - $50 cash prize
Westby Boys Basketball Club - $50 cash prize
Westby Gymnastics - $50 cash prize
Hwy 14 Firearms & Pawn, and Norsemen Booster Club - 7 hunting items (5 firearms, 2 bows)
Marc & Sharon Nelson - $50 cash prize
Bob and Kara Bothe family - $50 cash prize
Andy and Becky Lipski family - $50 cash prize
Todd and Nancy Ihrcke family - $50 cash prize
Jill and Andy Hulst family - $50 cash prize
Keith and Marlene Olson family - $50 cash prize

May 1—-$100 cash prize sponsored by Nordic Lanes:   Owen Gluch
May 2—-Two night stay at Eagles Roost, Cassville:   
Shirley Hagen
May 3—-Season Golf Pass at Snowflake:   
Ann Gilbertson
May 4—-Two night stay at Dilly’s Hatfield Resort:   
Brandon Wilson
May 5—-$50 cash prize sponsored by Bothe Family:   
Kristen Perrault
May 6—-
4 Brewer tickets (Game TBD) & $50 cash prize sponsored by Westby Gymnastics:    Don Jorgenson
May 7—-$50 cash prize sponsored by Legal Guardianship, Inc.:   
Andy Lipski
May 8—-Mossberg Patriot .270 WIN:  Margery Haakenstad
May 9—-Camping weekend at Parkland Village, Black River Falls:  John Bowman
May 10$50 cash prize sponsored by Ward Law Office:Kay Bluske
May 11Winchester XPR Sporter 30.06:  Karen Crume
May 12$100 cash prize sponsored by Hulst and Lipski Families: Dan Inman
May 13$50 cash prize sponsored by Westby Wrestling Club:  Owen Gluch
May 14—Nordic Lanes $50 gift certificate:
May 15—Bear Pledge Hunting Bow: 

May 16—Vortex Crossfire II Riflescope: 

 Calendar Raffle tickets on sale now!

"Proudly supporting Westby High School Athletics"