Proudly Supporting Westby High School Athletics

We are very excited to be continuing our tradition of supporting Westby High School student achievement.

Last year, the Norsemen Booster Club began support of a scholarship to one male and one female student-athlete in the amount of $200 for each recipient.  The scholarship is awarded to the representatives from Westby High School who qualify as our WIAA scholar athletes.

The formula is based on two strengths – significant achievements in the classroom, as well as exceptional achievements in the individual’s respective athletic achievement.  Not only is it GPA, but also the number of classes taken, combined with varsity letters, plus conference, regional, sectional titles.  The winners must also be furthering their academics in a secondary education program.

Congratulations to this years recipients of the NBC Scholarship. 

Grace had a 3. 84 GPA, earned 8 varsity letters, and 12 individual titles.

Grace Hebel

Bailey had a 3.85 GPA, earned 5 varsity letters, and was a Cross County sectional qualifier.

Norsemen Booster Club Scholarship recipients for 2021

Bailey Olson