"Proudly supporting Westby High School Athletics"

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Former Coaches from Westby High School in support of our efforts:

"I have been a part of this community for many years.  There have been many great moments that have occurred on the Westby football field.  Unfortunately, our current facility is outdated, and many would say unsafe.  The turf is the same, hardened turf that many of you may have played or marched upon.  It is time for improvements, and it is exciting to see that this may be happening in the near future.  As a former coach and player, I support this project and hope you will support it as well."
                           John Blihovde

"We have been extremely lucky over the years that we haven't had any serious injuries. It would have been great in 'the day' to have played those play-off games at our field...for a small town like ours those games also have an economic impact...bringing fans into the town."
                              Art Brunje 

"As a former Westby High School athlete, Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Softball Coach and parent of two former Westby High School athletes, I fully support the upgrading of the football, track and baseball facilities.  Upgrading our facilities will improve the safety conditions for our athletes and enable Westby to host play-off events at home."
                           Dave Anderson

Our current Head Football Coach/AD has this to say.... 

"The new sports complex will be an incredible benefit to Chaseburg, Coon Valley, and Westby.  It will make a great addition to the school and to all student-athletes who use it." 


                         Andy Hulst, Head Football Coach, AD