The $98,000 goal is for the installation of 6 light poles to illuminate the football field as well as throwing and jumping areas for track and field.

"Proudly supporting Westby High School Athletics"

*Parkland Village-Jim & Laurie DelMedico
*Ward Law Office
*Legal Guardianship Services
*Main Street Designs
*Megan Rahr
*Westby Rod & Gun Club
*LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway
*Andy & Becky Lipski Family
*Hwy 14 Firearms & Pawn

​May 17--$50 Cash Prize sponsored by Legal Guardianship Sevices, Inc.:  Abbey Lehmann

May 18--Electric Grill donated by Vernon Electric:  Paul & Amy Ellefson
May 19--Creedmore 6.5: 
Dave Gluch
May 20--$50 Cash Prize:
Charles Nelson Family
May 21--$50 Borgen’s Café Gift Certificate: 
Dave Gluch
May 22--La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway Gift Package: 
Paul & Amy Ellefson
May 23--Remington 870: 
Stephanie Fencl
May 24--$50 Cash Prize sponsored by Andy & Becky Lipski:
Lori Forde
May 25--Camping weekend at Parkland Village, BRF: 
Cindy Langhus
May 26--Firearm of choice from those remaining: 
Charles Nelson Family
May 27--$50 Cash Prize: 
Jamey Evenstad
May 28--$50 Nordic Lanes Gift Certificate: 
Ann Berra
May 29--$50 Cash Prize sponsored Main Street Designs:
Karla Amundson
May 30--Wicked Ridge Crossbow: 
Martha Lau
May 31--Vortex Binoculars: 
Dave Gluch

May 1--$100 Cash Prize sponsored by Nordic Lanes:  Cindy Jefson
May 2--Savage Axis II .270
:  Stuart Peterson
May 3--Eagles Roost 2 night stay: 
Brock Leum
May 4--Four Brewer Tickets: 
Trisha (Mathison) Bekkum
May 5--Mossberg Patriot 30-06: 
Lisa Marx Frank
May 6--$50 Cash Prize:
Bruce Von Ruden
May 7--Snowflake Season Golf Pass:
Kent Sherry
May 8--LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway Gift Package:
Jenny Fleming
May 9--Savage 22-250: 
Keith & Marlene Olson
May 10--$50 Cash Prize sponsored by Ward Law Office:
Lynn Hanold
May 11--
Forget Me Nots Barn Quilt Mural: Nelson Ward
May 12--Stoeger M3000 Max 5 12 GA: 
Ben Bergum
May 13--$50 Bleacher’s Gift Certificate: 
Dawn Haakenson
May 14--$50 Westby Rod and Gun Club Gift Certificate: 
Abbey Lehmann
May 15--$50 Nordic Lanes Gift Certificate:
Aaron Mithum
May 16--Mossberg Patriot 243:
Kent Sherry


daily Calendar raffle winners

Congratulations to the winners of our raffle drawing for the Amish built Viking Long boat and Badger Football Tickets.

Thank You to everyone who has showed their support by purchasing tickets for both of our raffles held during the month of May.  

Viking Long Boat Winner:  Sydney Sherry

Badger Football Tickets:  Gary & Mary Daines 

Spanky's Challenge

The Norsemen Booster Club is seeking your help with the cost of the installation of the lights at the Norsemen Athletic Complex. There has been a challenge put out to local businesses to help us reach our goal. The goal is to have the lights that we purchased from UW-L installed before the 2018 fall athletic season. A leadership board will be prominently displayed at the complex to honor the businesses and individuals who generously donate towards the Athletic Complex.

Donor Levels
$500 Bronze
$1000 Silver
$2500 Gold
$5000 Platinum

Sleepy Hollow’s very own Spanky has put out a challenge to all businesses and friends of Norsemen athletics.  Spanky started the Challenge with a $1000 donation and is challenging others to meet or beat his donation.  So, the challenge has begun!  Let’s come together and


Spanky Felton (Sleepy Hollow)--$1000
Blane and Mary Charles (Borgens Cafe)--$1000
Shane Nottestad (Zzip Stop)--$1000
Scott & Sue Sordahl (Nordic Lanes)--$1000
Scott Mowery/Jensen Crane Service/Rasmussen Group--$2500
Gerry & Corky Roethel (Badgerland Pheasant Farm)--$1000

Phil & Kris Strand (Phil Strand Agency-American Family Insurance)--$1000

Rodney & Nancy Davidson--$1000

Animal Tracks Veterinary Service--$500

Mark & Betty Jorgenson--$500

 Donations by credit card may also be submitted by clicking on “Take Action” at the top of this page.   If you would like your contribution to be designated to “Spanky’s Challenge” please state this when submitting your donation (our previous donation program is still underway). 

The Norsemen Booster Club is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, and all donations are tax deductible.  

​​*Eagles Roost Resort-Ron & Linda Hulst
*Marty & Kari Snustead
*Snowflake Ski & Golf Club
*Nordic Lanes
*Bleachers Pub
*Borgens Cafe-Blane & Mary Charles
*Vernon Electric
*Vortex Optics
*Valley Reloading

norsemen pride

Thank you to our sponsors for this year's calendar raffle prizes: