Phase II includes fundraising for stadium lighting and seating.  After two seasons of playing football games in the afternoon, games are now back to being played under the lights at the Norsemen Athletic Complex. These lights were once at UW-La Crosse and we were able to purchase them at auction. Over the course of this summer, we coordinated with contractors...many of whom have ties to our district and the football program. This help, much of it volunteered, happened in evenings, on weekends and included members of our football teams.   

As far as seating goes, the plans for the press box took into account certain dimensions for bleachers.  Our plans are for modern, elevated stadium seating.  

​Our Phase III goals would be to construct a parking lot, expand the track to eight lanes, add visiting seating on the south side of the track, move and update the field events for track, and construct a concession stand with restrooms.  Our vision is that this will be a wonderful facility that our Norsemen athletes, students, alumni and our communities will be able to great pride in for generations to come.

Westby High School has a long history of athletic achievement.  Over the years, there have been a number of improvements that have been made to upgrade and update the Westby School District facilities.  The Norsemen Booster Club is proud to have lead the Athletic Complex upgrades.  With your support, this will become a venue to build on past achievements and to make memories for generations to come.

phase I complete

Phase ii

phase III

Our goal for Phase I was to make upgrades to the track that would create a better venue for our track and field program, provide a safer and updated facility that would allow for football to be played, and as a result allow for Veteran’s Memorial Field to be a baseball-only facility.  Thanks to the generous contributions by numerous donors and sponsors, Phase I of the new Westby Norsemen Athletic Complex has become a reality.  We would like to especially thank Fowler & Hammer for their contributions of equipment, labor, time, skills and especially their guidance over the past year.  The new press box was constructed with the future in mind, and will serve our media and coaches for generations to come.  Fowler & Hammer is a wonderful example of a successful local company that gives back to their communities.  We would also like to thank Spanky and Michelle Felton of Sleepy Hollow Auto for their very generous donation of the scoreboard.  The finishing touches for the first phase , was when our local veteran’s organizations dedicated the flag and flagpole, which they had donated.  There were many compliments from coaches, fans and media who were impressed with the quality of the facility.  So again, thank you to our donors, sponsors, volunteers, and labor and material contributors, all of whom were needed to make this venture happen.​

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