As we continue work on completing the Westby Norsemen Athletic Complex fundraising events, we want to thank you so much in advance for any help you can provide, whether through a donation, your skills, or your time.  Click the "CONTACT" button

above to get in touch with us with any questions you have about ways you want to TAKE ACTION!! 

We appreciate your desire to help us create a safe, inviting, and pleasant facility that will allow the many wonderful 
​Norsemen traditions to continue for years to come.

Share your time

Maybe you only have a little time here or there.  We could use help at various times with small jobs like stuffing envelopes or helping with mailings.  Helping with part of a fundraiser or serving on a committee to make something happen is always wonderful.  Volunteering to talk to some local businesses about donations is another idea.  We can help provide all of the guidance; we just need more bodies to help make this dream a reality.  

Share who you know

There are many people out there who may have moved out of the area or won't be reached because we just don't know everyone.  If you know someone who might be a big Norsemen booster from years ago, consider sharing the news of our project or passing their name and contact information along to a member from our group.  We are really looking for ways to expand our reach and find donations large and small from all over the country.  If you know some people who have skills in construction or heavy equipment who may be willing to lend a hand, please help by passing along their name or passing along a link so they can see what we are working on and they can decide if they would be willing to help!  Please call Keith Olson at 608-606-3678 to help! Thank you!

spread the word

Help us make this go viral.  Share the link to this website, share the link to donations page, post on Facebook what we are trying to do, share the flyover video (see link on the Athletic Complex page), send the link to our site with a brief message to your email contacts and ask them to share it, tweet about it when you give your donation, talk to other families with small children about how this will benefit their families and generations to come, talk to business owners and ask them to contact us to offer their support...anything you do to spread the word to even one more person helps make this mission go viral.

Attend Norsemen Booster club meetings

Watch for dates of upcoming meetings on the Norsemen Booster Club Facebook page and come to a meeting and see what is going on with this project, or see if there are small or large ways you can get involved!

​​​Buy a paver

Leave your inscription behind for decades to come..purchase a paver for the walkway of the new Athletic Complex engraved with your special message.  Inscription Ideas include your name or that of a loved one, graduate, family, a memorial paver for someone special in your life who loved Norsemen athletics, name of a child or children who will use this field in the future, name of a business, etc.  To view options and purchase your paver, please click on the link below:


Sponsor a Stadium Seat

We will be kicking off our fundraising efforts with a "Sponsor a Stadium Seat" event, where people who wish to help can donate $100 to sponsor one of the 1,000 stadium seats needed in the complex.  Show your support and have your name displayed as a proud donor at the new facility. 

DONATE Any amount online

We have set up a fundraising page so that people can very easily spend just a few minutes and make a donation of any size online through a secure server.  Because the Norsemen Booster Club is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, your gift is tax deductible and we will provide you with a receipt so you can write off your gift!

Mail a check

Don't like to do transactions online?  Prefer to just write a check? Not a problem!  Checks can be made out to: Norsemen Booster Club and then in the memo please write: Athletic Complex. Checks can be mailed to:

Norsemen Booster Club

P.O. Box 0091

Westby, WI  54667

​Want to make a substantial contribution?

Please contact Keith Olson and speak with him directly about how you would like to contribute and ways we can publicly thank you or your business for your donation!  In order to make this project work, we are going to need several substantial contributions to cover some of our larger expenses!  Again, remember, these donations are tax deductible!  

get involved

Ways to donate

"Proudly supporting Westby High School Athletics"

norsemen pride


Please let us know!  We are just a small group of individuals trying to make a huge difference in the lives of children for generations to come.  It is a really big job, and the more minds that come together, the more likely we are to succeed!  Please call Keith Olson at 608-606-3678. Thanks so much!